Begin your journey of change with me, feeling safe and supported

COVID UPDATE 2021 – Mindful Changes remains open. All services are available online including one to ones, classes and courses. Walk and talk therapy sessions are available in person under certain circumstances. Please contact me for more information. Alternatively, click the button below to view current and upcoming courses. 


Hi, I’m Lou, Hypnotherapist, Women’s Wellbeing Coach and owner of Mindful Changes. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio.

I help anyone who needs it, young or old, male or female. I can support you with any issue that is affecting your every day life, and in particular, anxiety. It might affect you in social situations or at work. It could be that you need to perform in front of an audience or have a phobia.

I have a particular interest in helping women aged 30+. It’s a time when we are juggling family and career and find little time for ourselves. I want to support women to develop the skills and abilities that are most beneficial to them, so that they may live their best life. It has always been my passion and driving force. I understand the difficulties that can face women at different times in their lives. Relationships, pregnancy, having children and ageing parents to care for, working and trying to fit in ‘me’ time around the never ending list of stuff to do, then peri-menopause and menopause, with the curve ball that can throw at us when we least expect it, I have either been there or I’m there still. If you feel isolated, lonely or anxious about life in general, I get it and I can help.

I will sit with you and listen to your story. I use the knowledge and wisdom that I have gathered through my career to give you the very best support I can. These skills are drawn from Hypnosis, NLP and Mindfulness. All of my work is heartfelt, offered through a deep desire to empower you to have the life that you deserve. My work is always confidential and judgement-free.

I have been a hypnotherapist since 2001. Some of the clients I helped in those early days, are still my biggest cheerleaders. What I did for them mattered, in some cases, it really changed their lives.

At home, I’m like you, trying to do the best I can every day. People sometimes say ‘It’s ok for you, you must never get stressed.’ Truthfully, I get affected by life in the same way as every other human. The difference is that I recognise when things are going wrong with my thinking and the way I’m responding. I use what I know to deal with it. That is what I can teach you.

 Heartfelt best wishes

1 to 1 Appointments

Listening to your needs, helping you to feel safe and supported throughout your journey… (read more)

Relaxation Classes

Relaxation classes are a great opportunity to bring calmness and peace into your life… (read more)

Workshops & Events

I offer female wellbeing and health related workshops and events… (read more)

What my clients say

"My first session today was amazing! I've never experienced anything like this. I came out of this session feeling so relaxed and calm. I'd strongly recommend this to all."
Jessica Knight
"I started getting anxiety attacks back in August and they were taking over my life. By meeting up with Louise, I have learnt how to relax and let go of my anxieties"
Natalie Baker​
"Thank you Louise for a fab relaxation evening and a very friendly prossecco afterwards. I feel very relaxed and really enjoyed meeting new people too. I hope to see you again soon."
Florence Etienne-Jackson

Begin your journey of change with me, feeling safe and supported. As change occurs feel the security of knowing that you have everything you need within you.

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