My first blog…..

My first blog…..

Where to start my first blog? I guess telling you my story is a good place. I have been thinking, perhaps you see my posts on social media but some of you don’t know me at all. So here goes…

At school (I know wayyyy back!) I was in love with languages. I love words, I still find them fascinating. I studied English, French and Spanish at University as well as modules in Linguistics and Semantics. But I left not knowing what I wanted to do for work. My primary passion was a desire to help people (So that’s where it began, but I couldn’t see this future then). I decided to join the police force, maybe go to Interpol, I thought that would satisfy my need to help and my love of languages. I was naive. Sadly, the job involved too little time helping and too much time putting the same people before the court, week in week out. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun at times, but it just didn’t scratch that itch. I spent time with the child abuse and domestic violence squad. At times this made me desperately sad. It also made me very suspicious of men and there was still too little time with victims. I became a detective. Still no joy for me. So after 5 years and two commendations, I left. 

By this time I knew that I had to look elsewhere. I went to work for a design company as a Human Resources Manager whilst studying for a CIPD qualification. I thought I would help people at work. There, perfect! But no, that also wasn’t what I had hoped. Meanwhile, I had started learning NLP. I spent a long weekend with Tony Robbins (and 2000 other people) and watched how he helped those who needed change in their lives. He used techniques that changed their state, changed their thinking and therefore, their lives. This was what I wanted to do! I found a one year post grad level Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis course which took place at a local university. That was the end of one chapter and the start of another. 

When I first began, I had a really wide range of interest. I was happy helping anyone with anything. Anxiety was often the reason people came to me for support, but there were so many others. Smokers wanting to give up were common, gambling and drug addicts, people with sexual problems, women who were wealthy and lacked purpose in their lives, children who sucked their thumbs and wanted to stop, the list was endless. I helped and supported them all. 

Now my focus is much more narrow. That’s not to say I don’t still help with all of those other things, but I really want to help a certain section of society. I know I can make the greatest difference there. 

My purpose in life is helping and supporting women to live their best life. For most of them, this means freedom from anxiety. It means finding control over those thoughts that bring them down. It means letting go of the need to please others, in order to be happy, and to love and take care of themselves. 

My passion is helping these women to find themselves amidst the noise of modern life, so that they live each day feeling calm, relaxed and able to cope with whatever comes their way; free to be themselves, to express their wants and needs without fear of judgement, and live in a way that feels entirely authentic.  So here’s my present. Eighteen years, three kids and three house moves after I began, I’m helping people to live their best lives, every day. I use wonderfully powerful and uplifting words to do that. So, could I help you?

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