I just want to say how fantastic Louise and her hypnotherapy sessions have been.  It has made a huge impact on my life by attending 1-1 and group therapy sessions. I started getting anxiety attacks back in August and they were taking over my life.

By meeting up with Louise I have learnt how to relax and let go of my anxieties and also how to use self hypnosis to my advantage when and if I feel an attack coming on. I have gone from having daily attacks to only feeling a little anxious but being able to overcome and forget the frightened feeling very quickly. I honestly don’t think I could have made it through this last 5 months without your ongoing support and help!
Thank you so much! Xxx

As a father this week was so informative and eye-opening to how natural and calm a birth can be with the help of hypnobirthing. It helped me understand what will happen very clearly, and knowledge helps take a lot of the worries.

I managed 30 minutes underground in quite cramped situations …and I didn’t panic. Thanks for your help and support with my claustrophobia.

I very recently had 4 hypnosis sessions with Louise to help me deal with anxiety issues I had been experiencing for several years. My anxiety issues had reached the stage where they were impacting on my life and holding me back from enjoying myself.  I knew from previous experience of hypnosis 18 years ago that this was the way forward. The whole experience was very positive within 2 sessions I had noticed significant improvements and by session 3 I was feeling well and enjoying life again without my anxiety disrupting things. I have just had my last session and can thoroughly recommend Louise her calm and caring approach quickly put me at ease and each session left me feeling relaxed and improved.
For anyone who hasn’t experienced hypnosis before please be reassured you feel very safe and remain fully ‘ in control’ and completely aware of your surroundings. I highly recommend it. 
Thanks again Louise.

Love this morning’s class, I know it will have spoken to everyone in its own way, but just the addition of certain words spoke to me…feeling brave and authentic and ready to take on the week. Thank you.
Sarah H

I felt amazing and somehow my mind is feeling lighter and feeling positive.

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